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Welcome to Fat Tony's Roulette

From inside bets to outside bets to roulette table layout, whether you're simply looking for tips and information for your next trip to Las Vegas, or you're thinking of trying your hand at online roulette, Fat Tony's very likely to have what you're seeking plus a lot more. In the casino gambling world and for the average person, the roulette wheel is possibly the most recognizeable gaming device. Roulette itself is one of the oldest and most loved casino games and here I've sought to provide some useful roulette gambling information for fellow fanatics like myself. Additionally, below I've also detailed a few of my own articles and thoughts on a number of popular roulette topics. While you're here, you've got to try out Fat Tony's free roulette game. Click the "Play Tony's Free Games" graphic that's just about this text to the right near the top and you should see my special game window.

Fat Tony's Featured Roulette Articles:

Online Roulette Tournaments
Check out Fat Tony's Roulette Tournament schedule.

Free Roulette Systems - Do They Work?
My quick take on the constant barrage of free roulette systems that I see being touted is that they don't work. For the firm advocates of these systems, I won't jump into the whys of how they don't work.

The Roulette Wheel - An explanation
The roulette wheel is the movable 'bowl' portion of the roulette table that is divided into red and black numbered pockets (compartments). The wheel is an extremely sensitive mechanism, usually perfectly balanced and constructed with the best possible accuracy.

Wanna Beat Roulette?
While there's definitely no 100% surefire way to beat roulette, playing sensibly can be just as effective, ensuring that you minimize the loss potential and maximize the possible profit gain.

French roulette - The origins of roulette
The term "Roulette" is derived from a French word meaning small wheel, hence to many, the game is known as French roulette. The origin of roulette is not very clear.

Why, In A UK Online Casino, Slot Machines Are So Popular With New Gamblers

One of the best parts about signing up to a UK online casino is that they have one of the greatest selections of slot machines, far more than a live casino in the UK could ever hold. From the old school three reel one armed bandits to the completely up to date five real video slots, a UK online casino will have them all. All that is left for you to do is get there and sign up!

Slot machines are one of the public’s favorite gambling games, which may explain why so many different slots are available. If you can think of a semi-famous theme there is more than likely a slot machine that was made in its honor. Video slots opened up a whole new world of interaction and they often come with fully touch enabled screens. This is obviously not something that an online casino can offer you but using a mouse online you can get pretty close.

A UK online casino will be able to offer you a chance to play all of these great slot machines, all that you need to do is sign up as a member and you are ready to go. There is normally a free play option so you can get to grips with a machine before you start wagering your hard earned money but in all honesty the rush is just not the same if you are playing for free. So get signed up, load you account and start hitting those slots!

The Latest Online Poker News

There is nothing worse for an online poker player than to feel like they are out of the loop. There are far too many inexperienced players who do not keep up to date with the latest news and tactics that are easily available at places such as Poker.ca. By keeping up to date on the latest news and tactics you can make much more informed decisions while you are on the table. It is small things such as this that go towards actually making you a better player.

Think of it in terms of a hockey match. Scouts are permanently watching rival teams to get the inside information on how they are playing and what kind of tactics they have been using. If this information was not used then the team would be left in the dark. The point is that by being aware of what other players are doing you have a better chance of recognizing certain moves and tactics and counter acting them before they do any damage to your stack.

Any successful poker player who plays poker online as well as at live tables will tell you that the more information they have available to them the better their overall game will be. So even for less experienced players, or even players who just pay on a more casual basis, keeping up to date on the latest news in the industry, from what's up at Ultimatebet poker to who just won the latest big competition, is a good idea for staying ahead of the game.

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