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Roulette Tips

As a general disclaimer, please do not take whatever advice I may give here or throughout my site as "gospel". The roulette tips detailed below are simply meant to be a guide and/or reading material to help you to make better decisions in your play. Ultimately, it's your money, it's your gut feeling, it's your own experience that should be the deciding factor in whatever bets you decide to make or not make.

Roulette Tip #1
The one almost surefire way to win regularly at roulette is to "clock the wheel". While not necessarily possible in the online world, for regular land casinos it can be done, but it's a very tedious and time-consuming task. By clocking the wheel, you'd have to try to analyze the results of thousands of spins of a given wheel, using probability theory to figure the best possible bets for you. This is definitely too complex for my poor brain, but if you've got the time and you're up to it, try it out.

Roulette Tip #2
Be careful of these 'must win systems' that you see being touted here there and everywhere, but especially on the Internet. I don't know of there being any concrete evidence that any of these "guaranteed winning" systems and "100% proven to work" systems actually work. My advice again - be careful. Be wary. Then be careful again.

Roulette Tip #3
Look for casinos that offer you the surrender rule. This will cut the house edge almost as much as if you were playing at a single zero roulette wheel game. (But only on even-money outside bets).

Roulette Tip #4
If you can find it, you should try to only play the European single zero roulette wheel. This should cut the house edge much more than any other option in the game of roulette.

If you've got your own roulette tips or advice that you think Fat Tony might want to add to this list, drop me a line and I'll have a read.