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Tony's Word

Below are some of my own featured roulette articles. Also known as Tony's Word!

Free Roulette Systems - Do They Work?
My quick take on the constant barrage of free roulette systems that I see being touted is that they don't work. For the firm advocates of these systems, I won't jump into the whys of how they don't work.

The Roulette Wheel - An explanation
The roulette wheel is the movable 'bowl' portion of the roulette table that is divided into red and black numbered pockets (compartments). The wheel is an extremely sensitive mechanism, usually perfectly balanced and constructed with the best possible accuracy.

Wanna Beat Roulette?
While there's definitely no 100% surefire way to beat roulette, playing sensibly can be just as effective, ensuring that you minimize the loss potential and maximize the possible profit gain.

French roulette - The origins of roulette
The term "Roulette" is derived from a French word meaning small wheel, hence to many, the game is known as French roulette. The origin of roulette is not very clear.