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Free Roulette Systems - Do They Work?

My quick take on the constant barrage of free roulette systems that I see being touted is that they don't work. For the firm advocates of these systems, I won't jump into the whys of how they don't work; instead I will just ask a few questions. Fat Tony's gonna ask some questions that are basically rhetorical questions that might or might not make you understand why free roulette systems work or don't work.

Question 1
If your systems are so good, why are you giving them away? Shouldn't you be looking to use it at every casino in Vegas, make a fortune, buy a small island in the Bahamas and retire?

Question 2
Since your systems are so amazing and guarantee that I will make a fortune, then why don't you charge me a small fortune to buy it off you? If it's really good, it should be worth a lot more than you're actually selling it for, right?

Question 3
I'd like to see a real life application of your winning system. Where can I go to see this system operating in reality? In fact, do you have any independent references or users of this system who've become rich off it?

Question 4
If I don't get any of the winnings that you're touting, can I get a full refund after a certain length of trial time?

If any roulette system proponents have good answers to some or all of the questions listed above, I'd be happy to entertain them.